Construction manufacturing plants aren’t the only facilities in the industry contemplating robotics integration.

The market’s raw material suppliers also stand to reap dramatic rewards by helping resolve labor and supply chain challenges that have crippled world commerce. The earlier they adopt, the more dramatic those rewards could be.

And yet, robotics providers are not immune to supply chain volatility. The same worldwide chip shortage wreaking havoc among automakers has also put the squeeze on us. Despite strong demand, there just are not enough robots to go around.

But it’s nothing a little smart engineering can’t solve. And it doesn’t get much smarter than this panel:

Mike Cicco, President & CEO of FANUC

Scot Lindemann, CEO of Mission Design & Automation

Ryan Lillibridge, Business Development Director of Mission Design & Automation

Mike, Scot and Ryan explained why now is the time for construction raw materials suppliers to explore automating aspects of their plant operations.

They also discussed which raw material processing and handling operations are appropriate to automate.

Finally, the panel shared how supply chain challenges impact robotics providers and integrators — and what they’re doing to overcome them.

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This was the second in a three-part webinar series on automating construction manufacturing. Watch the first presentation here: Can you automate it? Introducing automation to construction manufacturing.

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