Whether it’s stand-alone operator-assisted stations or fully automated robotic systems, customers rely on Mission to be their custom automation solutions provider, due to our experience coming alongside our customers to concept, design, build, and integrate intelligent custom automation cells from idea to install. With experience in a variety of industries, including automotive, agriculture, construction, defense/aerospace EV, e-commerce/logistics, food and beverage, furniture, medical device, pharmaceutical, and more, we’ve installed machines all over the globe and we’re ready to help you solve your next manufacturing challenge.

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Mission has the expertise to integrate any customer-preferred robot brands into our automated solutions. Our experts in industrial robot integration make it easy to find the right solution for your project. We’re a FANUC Certified Service Provider and Authorized Systems Integrator, ensuring that your project is handled by engineers with master-level robotics expertise. Some other robotic partners we are proud to integrate include Yaskawa Motoman, ABB Robotics, Kawasaki Robotics, Kuka Robotics, and more. 


One of the most essential aspects of our automated solutions, Mission takes great care in integrating various technologies to ensure accurate repeatable assembly. Robotic pick-and-place and robotic vision placement guarantees quality results, whereas our integration of pin driving, actuation, and other automatic screw feeding can lower costs and save time.



Mission Design & Automation is experienced with integrating various dispensing applications. We’ve worked on gluing applications such as RTV silicone adhesives and two-part epoxy resins.  Combined with the implementation of robotic application and vision checks, you can be assured that adhesive is correctly applied to targeted areas of production parts. We’re proud to be an automation partner to 3M as part of the 3M Bonding Automation Network


A leader in vision systems integration, Mission partners with various machine vision systems providers, such as Keyence, Cognex, UnitX, and more. Examples of our vision system experience range from single part presence to complex, highly accurate robot guidance and tracking. We integrate intelligent vision systems that are conscientious of your budget and capable of detecting deviations on even the most intricate surfaces.


Options for welding and heat staking applications at Mission are extensive. We incorporate IR welding, IR stakes, ultrasonic welding, emboss technology, and other simple stakes. In consideration of each process’ technical requirements, we are the automation supplier that will take time discussing options with you to determine and specify the best possible approach for your project.



Mission’s automated solutions are tailored to improve various aspects of your processes. The conveyance of parts within a closed system is the backbone of automation, and Mission has hundreds of years of combined experience integrating dial table indexers, robotic pick-and-place, roller and belt conveyors, and linear motion conveyors with individual part shuttles. Looking for ways to improve upon the traditional pallet conveyance with which we’re familiar, Mission has also developed applications that incorporate electromagnetic conveyance tracks, such as the SuperTrak and iTrak systems. Our experience integrating pallet indexers and pallet-less direct conveyance provides us with flexible approaches to your automated solution.


Integrating automated punching into production reduces costs, and no matter what type of punching you need, Mission has you covered. Our experience includes plastic punching, sheet metal punching, and various forms of blanking. Such integration reduces intricacy and/or number of custom molds required, producing your end product much more efficiently according to your needs.