At Mission Design & Automation, we tackle projects that vary widely in size, complexity, and industry focus. Each custom system we construct requires a specific set of parts and tooling to function optimally. While we produce some tooling in-house with our machining and fabrication team, our extensive network of supplier partnerships is crucial to our operations. These collaborations bring together diverse skill sets and teams, vital for crafting our advanced automation and robotics solutions.

Pro-CAM Services L.L.C. Logo

We’re particularly proud to showcase our partnership with Pro-CAM Services L.L.C., a key supplier whose exceptional machining and manufacturing capabilities have helped us deliver quick project turnarounds for our customers.

Discover Pro-CAM Service L.L.C.’s Expert Machining Capabilities

Founded in 1995 by Tom and Malinda Bassett, Pro-CAM Services L.L.C. has grown from a quaint CNC programming operation in the Bassetts’ basement, to a leading full-service machine shop. Now operating from a modern 38,000-square-foot facility in Zeeland, Michigan, Pro-CAM excels in CNC machining, milling, turning, and routing, dedicating themselves to delivering outstanding products with short lead times.

Pro-CAM Services L.L.C.'s team members Brent, Alex, and Tom Bassett
Pictured left to right: Brent, Alex, and Tom Bassett

Threefold Strategy for Success

Pro-CAM Services has adopted a robust threefold strategy that ensures the success of their customers:

1 – Consistent Quality: Adhering to high standards, they produce consistent, top-tier results that precisely meet customer specifications.

2 – Timeliness: With their efficient production processes, they guarantee quick lead times.

3 – Diverse Offerings: Their wide range of services caters to multiple industries, including Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Conveyor Systems, Lawn and Garden, Manufacturing, OEM, and Engineering sectors.

Their facility is equipped with advanced vertical and horizontal multi-axis mills and lathes capable of handling various materials, such as carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, brass, and plastics.

Rapid Results with Pro-CAM Services

Todd Bush, Procurement Manager at Mission Design & Automation, shared that Pro-CAM manufactures tooling for Mission at a high level of both quality and complexity. He noted that because the company runs a two-shift operation, they can meet the often-expedited needs of Mission, our project teams, and our customers, which we greatly appreciate.

“Being well suited is certainly a plus, but being willing to support whenever or however they can is where Pro-CAM stands apart,” Bush said.

Pro-CAM Services’ expertise in CNC applications, combined with their commitment to swift and reliable service, makes them an indispensable part of our supply chain. We value our ongoing partnership with Pro-CAM and are excited to continue achieving excellent results for Mission customers together.